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An Tower Hamlets Registry Office Wedding

This intimate London wedding was one for the books! Honestly, just incredible! Not only because Alex and Molli are such an amazing couple but also because of how loved they are by those around them.

The wedding ceremony was held in the recently renovated Tower Suite of St. Georges Town Hall in Shadwell & as if it was planned, the room decor perfectly complemented Molli's emerald green floor length dress. The registrar’s were amazing, incredibly helpful & honestly a photographer‘s dream.

As with every wedding, my favourite part was the portrait session in the surrounding gardens. But successfully pulled off the surprise confetti exit just before, really did help set the tone; brought out those natural smiles, the laughter and all things joyful that come with weddings. Confetti exits are always memorable but I loved the surprise element of this one; their friends & family made sure every moment was beautiful & special.

Interestingly, I met Alex & Molli through a couple of their friends who were guests at a wedding I photographed earlier this year & contacted me in the hope that I would be available for Molli & Alex. As my calendar would have it, I was! Ending the evening at The Prospect of Whitby, with games, great food views and company; the day couldn't have been better. How could I forget the other, quite significant bonus - We had the Great British Weather but in our favour! The rain that was due to come never arrived! Though I was completely prepared with my raincoat and clear umbrellas for the wedding party, there were no complaints from me!

Such a beautiful couple with the most delightful little one - I wish you both the very best once again.

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