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The Brides Guide to A Stress-Free Morning!

Your wedding is around the corner & you are excited! So you should be! But you know what can happen at this point? Because I know how busy the morning of your big day can be, it would be so easy to forget some of the little details, you already told your photographer you would like to be captured.

So I've put this together to help you out beforehand!


You will need:

  • To have all the details mentioned below together in one place. (This means that you just have to send your photographer to one place rather than 3 or 4 areas in the room.)

  • The Rings (Ideally all 3 of them - Your engagement ring as well as both of the wedding bands.) Brides often mention that they do not have one of the pretty ring boxes that I show in my photographs - But that's the best part! You don't have to because I bring ring boxes, ribbons, flat-lay mats to every wedding. The most I will need to know is the colours that you prefer.

  • The Dress - Don't forget a pretty hanger! (Doesn't have to be personalised, just not the plastic one that they often come with.)

  • Invitation suite

  • Any jewellery (earrings, necklaces, bracelets...)

  • Veil (If you are wearing one on the day!)

  • Perfume

  • Bridal Bouquet

I always arrive early on a wedding day, so after introductions, this is when I'll take all the details you prepared to start shooting. All you have to do is enjoy being pampered - Having your hair & makeup finished.

Could it get any more stress-free?!

If you have any questions or want a pdf copy of this checklist, click below & I'll be happy to help!

Blog writing - Samaria Ofuasia

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