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Remember 12:01am on the 1st January 2020 - I bet you weren't thinking that 2 months later we would experience a national lockdown, spend more than half the year socially distanced & grab a mask over our favourite lipstick. Along with so many other women this year, on top of all of that - I was pregnant too!

When to have a maternity shoot?

As a first-time mum, I too spent time rubbing my bloated belly with love at 4, 7, 9 weeks pregnant (The one time as a woman that you are super excited to see your stomach get bigger). Once you hit the 3rd Trimester (the point where you most likely cannot see your feet), I would say that 35 weeks, is a great time to have the Maternity Shoot - I did & the timing could not have been better.

You're heavily pregnant but you're not wishing the baby out - So smiles, laughs & loving looks are still so easy during the session.

Why a Lifestyle Maternity Shoot works?

I'll tell you why it worked for me - Quite simply because authenticity is personally important! I made my maternity shoot a self-portrait project & I love that I now have prints that really capture my pregnancy. Now that our little boy is here, I can look back at those images and remember the interesting, fun and enjoyable journey I got to call pregnancy!

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