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New Year; Being Me!

Can you believe that we're in 2023 already?

I was speaking to someone just yesterday and was saying that time really is moving just a little bit too fast! To think that our eldest will be THREE this year, really is wild.

Brothers. Newborn & 2 year old boys

Especially if I put in perspective for you; I know it's not just me who feels that the outbreak of COVID-19, reality of lockdowns, standing 6 feet apart & the enforcement of masks was only the other day. Nope! That was almost 3 years ago now!

But enough about that very strange time that is now part of our history!

It's funny that I'm even back on the blog because I really wasn't sure that it was my "thing" - I wrote a few posts last year & my plan was to be super consistent with them, but I didn't feel passionate enough about it (clearly), so stopped.

Now, anyone who is a Wedding Photographer in particular will know the benefit of blogging and because it was the "right" thing to do, I thought I would start. But as it turns out, it wasn't the right thing for me. So I had every intention of leaving it there until this morning actually.

After reading my Bible & writing my notes, I had a strong sense that I needed to blog. And no, you're not wrong, blogging isn't the Bible haha! I don't have a special version!

For those who know scriptures probably think that I was reading Habakkuk 2:2 (writing the vision & making it plain...) and although that links, it wasn't that. It was Proverbs 12.

I bet if you have a read, you'll be wondering, Samaria, ermmm, what's the link?

But do you know just how special that is? That God can and does speak specific things to us, but let me tell you.

There were a few things that spoke to me but I found verse 9 particularly interesting - it says, "Better to be a nobody and yet have a servant than pretend to be somebody and have no food."

Now I don't know anyone who'd say, yes, what I want to be is a nobody. But that isn't the point, the part that stood out is pretending to be somebody.

It is such a fine line between being inspired by others and actually trying to be them, possibly even subconsciously. Clearly, God wanted me to be reminded of this today. Thankfully, He's also shown me some ways that I can make sure that I stay being myself & not pretend to be others. In fact stay being the woman that He wants me to be.

Although I never imagined sharing what He shows me in my devotion time, (this definitely isn't in the 10 steps to become a successful wedding photographer), I will do, starting from today. The reality is, I am a Christian first and then everything else (wife, mum, photographer etc.)

So I have a strong feeling that through this new direction, you'll be able to see just how much God cares and is involved in our everyday lives.

And I guess the reason I felt to blog this, likely means that it'll encourage & help someone else so, I hope you've enjoyed the read & we'll definitely catch up soon.


Sam x

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