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My Photography Journey So Far... (From 2020 to now!)

For those of you who don't know me, I'm Samaria but most, if not all people call be Sam! Well, besides the Husband, who flips between "Mija" or "Babe." Actually & the little munchkin, who calls me "mummy" :-)

As you'll learn, I'm a bit of a chatterbox, so I love the chance to sit & chat with you - Even if it just for a few minutes.

What was my aim in sharing this post?

It really was a chance for people to get to know me a little better. Especially as over the last few months, I've been approached by so many photographers asking for guidance or tips to improve their craft.

Not going to blame Little Miss 'Imposter Syndrome' but I think it's amazing that people would come to me and ask if I can share my expertise. Even though when I look back over the last few years and the work that I produce now, I know that I do have things to share but I am also very aware that I am so new to the game.

How new? Well, I only made the leap to pursue my career as a Professional Wedding Photographer in 2020!

Knowing that we were in a pandemic, no one would say it was the smartest move but for me & our family, the timing was absolutely perfect.

2020 was also the year that I gave birth to our first baby (sneak peek - I'm very pregnant with our second as I'm writing this - Only 4 weeks left until my due date haha!!).

So maternity leave was the first break that I've had from either education or work. Even though any mama's will agree that looking after a little one is a FULL-TIME job!

But it was in this year off that I was able to pursue photography and take the time to just be creative. To learn about my camera, lighting, insurance, binge on Youtube Videos :-), fall in love with lenses etc.

Which led me to...

...shooting my very first wedding solo! Which was an absolutely AMAZING experience.

Of course I was nervous but that's natural. More than anything, it helped boost my confidence in my ability.

Taz; I'm more thankful to you than you realise for trusting me to capture your Big Day! It was such a beautiful day & an absolute honour to capture.

So now, I'm a full time wedding photographer as well as being a full time mum to almost 2 kiddos & loving life. It's full on, especially with church, married life, friends & wider family commitments but it's just right for our little family.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming blog posts as I'll be sharing on a regular basis; both lifestyle and photography posts. There's no other way for me to do it because it's me. I was able to launch into photography once I became a mum & now that I'm a mum, photography has been the way that I can spend the most time at home with Aiden!

Until then, have a great week - We'll catch up soon!

But if you're someone who loves more regular updates , then feel free to check out my instagram pages - @weddingsbysamaria & @theadventureswithaiden

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