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An intimate yet personalised wedding local Wedding to both the Groom's family and myself as the photographer. Yet, this blog is entitled from Denmark with love? Read on to find out more...

To get married in the midst of such uncertain times is a tall ask but Josh & Tina achieved it, & so effortlessly too.

Entering to their special song, beaming with joy, the Waltham Forest Register Office, saw dreams come true. Thanks to the wonders of Zoom, the brides family were all able to also be a part of the intimate moment. Hence, From Denmark, With Love. All whilst friends & family waiting in the garden for the second part of the ceremony with personalised, handwritten vows.

My favourite part you ask. Why of course it was heading over to the Hollow Ponds for the couples bridal portraits. For a couple who don’t love being in front of the camera, they were simply amazing. Making each other laugh & smile, my job was easy - I was able to capture their honest interactions. Having the groom’s mum and dad there too made the experience all the more fun.

Really, that’s what it’s all about. Having a wedding day filled with memories you want to keep. If you’re a local couple, feel free to message me to any information around my availability & good places to shoot.


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