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Having second thoughts about getting a veil? Scrap the doubts & get the veil!

In fact, the longer the veil the better. I promise you, you won't regret it.

All of the couples that come to me always tell me the same thing in our first consultation meeting; "we're hoping that you can help us, we're so awkward in front of the camera." And before the end of the wedding day single couple comments on how comfortable they felt throughout the day taking their pictures.

As your photographer, of course I'll help you. That's a major part of my job. Your wedding is one of the biggest most memorable days of your lives and no one wants to have memories in albums looking awkward and uncomfortable. So more often than not, I'll tell the best place to stand or sit, but allow the interactions between you to be natural. And one of my absolute favourite poses is with the veil.

Why, you ask? Just take a look at the couples below - How dreamy is this? Would you believe that they weren't models?

Seen enough? Feel free to send me an enquiry for your special day - I would be completely honoured to capture it for you.

No two couples are the same & that means that your album should be unique to you - But I will tell every couple (well, every bride really - haha!) Definitely seriously consider having a veil. The creative veil shots will likely be your favourite photos of the whole day too.

Blog writing - Samaria Ofuasia

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