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Moments of reflection on my first year in business whilst excitingly looking ahead.

As I sit with a cup of coffee from the lovely Jenny's Wood Street Bakery, I am just in awe as to just how fast time has flown. COVID-19 most definitely played a part in how quickly the world wanted 2020 to go. But it really did go fast.

So whose anniversary is it? It‘s mine. Well, my business’ to be specific. The 14th November 2020 is when I launched SO Photography with my website. I was nervous & excited all at the same time.

So for those who know me, I’ve been shooting for years however, with support & encouragement from my husband & close family, I took the leap to launch officially.

Was the timing perfect? Oh goodness no! So I had just given birth 2 months beforehand to our first baby. Believe me, after pushing out all 10lb 4oz naturally, I wasn’t 100% yet. In October (the month before launching), my husband & I were ordained into the ministry. Which is an absolute honour but also bears much responsibility. Followed by the National lockdowns only months later. I'm pretty sure most people would say that the timing couldn't be worse!

But it has been an amazing adventure. Ask my husband Michael, he gets to see & hear my very real behind the scenes - The excitement in editing my favourite shots after a tiring wedding or my smiles when I'm sending yet another calendar updates through. I really did not imagine that things would have panned out the way that they did. But that's often the way things go when you're trusting God. It might not make the most amount of sense when you think it through, but God's ways are not ours and He always get's it right!

From the launch, through recommendations & people loving both me & my work, every month has been jam packed with either a wedding or commercial work. To be able to write that is absolutely insane to me but I am more than thankful. What is even more crazy, I can officially say that I am now a full time Wedding Photographer! (Yes - I handed in my notice!) Not everyone feels free to or is supported to pursue their passion but prayerfully, this has truly been an amazing first year.

So naturally, I am beyond excited for the year ahead.

Still have 2 more weddings to end the year but to my 2022 Couples and Clients, I'm ready for ya!

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