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Denmark in a day - Travelling with Toddlers

2 toddlers on LegoHouse roof terrace

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If you know me, then you know just how much I love being outdoors, exploring and travelling & having kids, really hasn't changed that. If anything, it probably makes me want to travel more so they can see the world & experience new things. Our eldest has just started nursery, & just had his first half term, so naturally, I began to plan for the week. Living in London, traffic is a reality and it's quite 'normal' to be travelling for 45mins to 1hr, on buses, tubes, trains.

In my mind, why not use that same hour & explore new parts of the world instead?

And that's exactly what we did; using Skyscanner, I searched for flights around 1hr away from London & found Ryanair tickets to Billund, Denmark for only £30pp. As I haven't visited Denmark yet either, it was a no-brainer.

Toddler boys on the LegHouse Rooftop

Travelling to Denmark in February is no guarantee of great weather as it is still winter & you may experience snow (So make sure you keep an eye on the weather!)

We were incredibly lucky & the boys were running around without coats because the day was quite picture perfect - Blue skies and sunny!

After a bit of research (something I recommend if you're travelling with toddlers), I decided that we would visit the LegoHouse & we were not disappointed - It was busy but not overrun, the staff were amazing (helpful & friendly), interactive areas on every floor & I loved that there were Duplo (larger lego) sections for our 17month old. They were entertained all day & it was great to see my little 3yr old getting busy with all the little challenges.

Only 50DKK or £5 (2 adults & 1 child) & a 10 minute journey from the airport to Billund Centre - Everything was incredibly easy to navigate.

Of course, with the research, you have to check out the food of any new place that you're visiting - If you're going to the Lego House, the Mini Chef is the main food attraction but the reviews on the food are mixed and we chose not to risk it. As cool as it looked to have robots make and deliver your food!

Just across the road is a little Pizza & Steak place (my mum spotted it from the LegoHouse rooftop) & the food is amazing, the portion sizes were massive, prices were reasonable. No complaints at all!

Helpful Flight info

  1. We didn't this time (I booked flights more in line with their bedtimes so I didn't have super tired toddlers), but normally we go for the first and last flights to make the most of a day trip.

  2. With Ryanair, you can bring a stroller with you at no extra cost (If you speak to the check in staff, you just need to get a cabin baggage tag)

  3. If you have a child under 2, they can sit on your lap for the flight but there is still a cost for them

  4. My eldest is 3 & absolutely loved the Travel Activity book from GlobeJotter UK - As a mum who is not big on screen time, this was perfect and kept him entertained on the way to Denmark.

The age old question whenever you travel is would you go again & yes, I most definitely would! Most people think of Amsterdam when you say Denmark but especially if you have young children, Billund is perfect!

Definitely looking forward to our next trip - Not sure if it'll be a day trip or not but I'll be sure to share the info with you (as well as photos of course - The photographer in me won't let me travel without my gear.)


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