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Time is flying & Christmas is around the corner - I mean, it’s literally less than 60 days away; Are you ready?!

For me personally, time spent with family has always been a priority. As a photographer, I am thankful that I have the tools to capture these moments beautifully because we all know that time really is short.

And for those who don’t know, although I am a wedding photographer, I actually launched my professional career shooting families. I mean families attend weddings so I haven't moved that far away from it but it does mean that whenever I get the chance to shoot children and families, it's personally very special to me.

What is a mini-session?

30 minutes of your time, having a laugh with those you love whilst I capture those moments! Simple!

What should we wear?

Now, I would never tell you what to wear exactly but I would say that it does not have to be matching. As lovely as this looks so do photos where everyone is wearing complimentary colours - So have a think & be creative!

How many photos will we receive?

Just because it's a mini session doesn't mean that I change how I work - You'll get as many as I shoot! They will all be edited & you will be able to access them via an online password protected gallery.

Where can the session be held?

This is totally up to you as I am flexible to have shoots indoors or outdoors - The only limitation is for this round of Christmas mini-sessions, if you do choose to have yours outdoors, this will have to be in Lloyds Park, E17.

How many members of my family can be involved?

As many as you would like to have involved - I have shot families who had 15 members on the day and others who had 3 - Numbers do not matter. & if for you, friends have become family, this includes you too! The most important part is making memories with those you love!

How to book?

Super simple process; just send an email over to & we'll work out the date, time and location.

Looking forward to meeting you all!

But if I don't see you soon, please have a very Merry Christmas!


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