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So you‘ve just said yes to your best friend & the next place you head to is Instagram & Pinterest. Why? Well, because now you need to start pulling ideas together to create your picture perfect day.

You’ll come across friends posts, photographer’s reels and Pinterest boards & I bet you’ll notice the attention to detail in all of them. Without a shadow of doubt, you want that too!

So what do I need as your photographer need to make this happen for you?

1. Access to the rings

Ideally this would be all 3 rings (your engagement ring & both wedding bands) - This really helps bring all the details together & the focus on the union of the bride & groom.

But, if this is not possible, don’t worry at all! Your detail shots will look just as beautiful with your engagement ring - I promise!

2. Have all of the important details in one place

So because every couple is different, this means that they will all have different items that are important to them. But for most, their items will often include the rings, the invitation suite, shoes, flowers, perfume, any jewellery.

When does this happen? I always arrive earlier to create time to capture the details whilst the bride/groom are getting ready - Having all the items in one place, really does help with this being as smooth as possible.

Do I have to bring ribbons too? No, not at all - I have all the pretty little extras and will bring them along with me to compliment your details and special day.

3. As much natural light as possible

Natural light is my favourite light source to work with for so many reasons but it works so perfectly for detail shots. Nice, light & airy is what I love & the window light has never failed to create that.

So if possible, please do try and provide a small space as close to a window so that we get just perfect images for your gallery.

So now you've read through these tips, I know we're going to get simply the best details on your special day. Feel free to save this post or share with another bride. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop me an enquiry using the contact me page.

Blog writing - Samaria Ofuasia

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