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Congratulations!!!! You've just got engaged & what is the top item on your To-Do list? Of course it's finding the PERFECT dress!

Wedding Planning can seem like a mammoth task and overwhelming but it really doesn't have to be.


So, for most of my brides, (other than the ones whose previous dates were impacted and changed by the dreaded covid-19), we've met at least 12 months before your big day. So this is perfect timing to start looking for your dress & I have the perfect company for you; Canola Bespoke Bridalwear.


Taiwo & Kehinde of Canola Bespoke Bridalwear reached out for photography for their upcoming Autumn/ Winter '22 Bridal Collection, already having arranged the model & MUA for the shoot. And let me tell you, even though I hadn't seen the collection before the day of the photoshoot, I was far from disappointed.

The pieces were beautiful and the vision was simply elegant.


When I asked Taiwo & Kehinde what their vision for the new collection was, you could just hear how passionate they are about this, how much they had really thought about their future brides & this is before even meeting you!

"We worked on a series of pieces with an ethereal, elegant, minimalistic feel coupled with delicate and intricate beauty. This can be seen in our use of french lace, delicate pearls, and free flowing tulle, throughout the collection."

"We wanted beautiful, simplistic elegance at the heart of the feel of the collection." Taiwo of Canola Bespoke Bridalwear


For those of you who don't already know, I've been married for 4 years now (time really does fly when you're having fun!) & interestingly, I had my dress adapted and changed to match my personal style. I personally found that being able to "build-a-dress" was amazing!

It really does make the world of difference when the people you use for your bridalwear are experts. Bonus: You don't have to be and but you can have complete trust that the end result will be just as you envisioned.

But if I was to get married in the upcoming year, I would definitely reach out to Taiwo & Kehinde - They are such kind-hearted ladies and absolute experts in their field!

Don't worry, for those of you who would love to see a real bride, of course I have you covered. Head over to my previous blog post of a bride who was also a Canola Bespoke Bridalwear Bride - Tim & Esther; A Match made in Church

Note: The dress was not part of the new collection but you'll see that the quality has never been compromised, regardless of the style that you desire.

It'll be absolutely amazing to hear from you if you are either looking for wedding photography packages or your dress!

For ease, I have put all of our details below for you - So until then, Happy Planning!!


Location: Pishiobury Park

Bridal Collection: Canola Bespoke Bridalwear

Photographer: Samaria Ofuasia

Make Up Artist: Shola Abigail

Blog writing - Samaria Ofuasia

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