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Is your little one now at the stage of sitting up on their own? Why not book a #sittersession to capture the latest skill learnt because before you know it, they'll be on the move!

When they say that babies grow quickly and time flies, you better believe them! As a first time mum, I don't think I've seen time move quicker than this before. But the amazing thing, is as long as your maternity may last, you get to be right there with them as they change right before your eyes.

As a photographer, I've made a point to ensure that we have all our little memories in an ever growing album - Don't worry, the embarrassing baby photos are in there too; was never going to allow him to grow up without them - Ha!

So what do you need to consider before booking this session?

  • Let me know your baby's schedule - If you want to book a session at 2pm but 2:30pm is nap or snack time, let's work around that. We want the smiliest, happiest versions of baby on the day so let's go with their flow.

  • Wear comfy clothes & be prepared to sit nearby - At 6 months, not all babies are completely confident sitting up on their own, so I'll need an extra pair of hands just so you can catch your bubba if they start falling left, right or backwards.

  • Bring snacks (& not just for the little one) - I can guarantee you that sitting down for a photography session will not be what your little one planned for their day! So, just know that I'm as flexible as they need - There is always going to be time for a kiss, cuddle, or a snack in between shots.

So feel free to give me a shout at if you have any specific queries or head straight over to the booking page to book your session - Either way, I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Have a great day!

Blog writing - Samaria Ofuasia

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